Much of the research I related to the last brief (thinking ‘outside the box’, left/right brain psychology etc.) I believe is just as important here. If anything this brief is again (so far anyway) more about sideways thinking, taking a holistic view and looking at the journey of design as spoken about in the book A Smile in the Mind:

If designers want to say ‘witch’, they may show a black cat. The audience has to create the association the other way round – see the black cat and immediately think ‘witch’. Designers need to check that the link ‘back’ is as obvious as the link ‘out’. For example, ‘witch’ suggests ‘broomstick’, but ‘broomstick’ may suggest Cinderella, ‘sweep clean’ or even ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ (as in Disney’s Fantasia).

Obiously there is a lot more here relating to graphic communication/message, concepts and quick thinking.


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