What, Who, How, Why, When?


Our chosen brand is the global food company Nestle.

“From the outset, Nestlé was an international company, assuming the multicultural traditions of its parent country. Almost its first undertaking was to set up factories and distribution centres in other countries.

Nestlé has always had a policy of decentralisation, believing each country knows its own market and is best able to adapt the Nestlé brands to local preferences, backed by the strengths of a multinational group.”

The product we have chosen is Nesquik ‘Ready to Drink’. Made with fresh milk as opposed to powdered milk.


Good to Know

Made with Fresh Milk partly skimmed.
An Excellent Source of Calcium.”


Our oncept is aimed at getting younger teenagers, both males and females. We are looking at the ‘Facebook/MySpace generation’. Those who have grown up with computers and socialising digitally.


Our idea is to use the medium of facebook as the fundamental part of our advertising. This would not have been possible 5 years ago not only because Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004 but since then it has had to grow into the global communication network it is today. It has needed the time for people to register and connect to each other. As well as that, apps for Facebook and other social networking sites have been developed extending the advertising possibilities within the sites themselves.

Our concepts takes are Nesquik product and attaches a peel off tab to it, similar to the McDonalds Prize tabs. On the tab a weblink and name is written. The consumer then takes this tab to a computer and enters the weblink to reach a portal where they subsequently enter the name. They are then given links to a selection of social networking profiles for the cow which they can then make friends with and network with their friends.


The idea is to get young teenagers involved in drinking milk. It’s important to get the next generation involved in the importance of healthy eating and caring about where their food comes from. It may also trigger an interest in teenagers that would otherwise be left unnoticed.

We would use social networking sites because these sites, as well as just computers, are where todays teenagers are hooked and most likely to be influenced. To get them involved with something positive by merging it into something that they already enjoy, spend hours using and know how to use inside out is an effective combination.


Teenagers may buy Nesquik ‘Ready to Drink’ during their school lunches, it may be given to them as part of their breakfast, may be provided for them by their parents for lunch at school or may be bought when out with friends. The original packaging is aimed at this age range so our site and social networking pages would have to continue in this style. Throughout the day the consumers may access the internet at school during breaks or at home after school or on weekends. Our idea would add anticipation as they may not be able to access the internet while consuming the drink, so may compare their tabs with friends and later return to discuss which cow they have made friends with! Hopefully it would work as a craze for teenagers so they could network socially digitally and in person.


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