A Summary of our idea

Having thrown ideas about in our group for a while we’ve come to a final idea.

Our idea is to take the Nestle product ‘Nesquik: Ready to Drink’ (http://www.nestle.ca/en/products/brands/Nesquik/fat_free_cho_milk_shake.htm) and to attach a peelable tab to the bottle. On the tab is a web link/code and prompts the consumer to enter the code at the web link online. The link will inform the consumer of exactly which cow the milk came from. It then also acts as a portal between the user and a series of links to social networking sites where profiles have been set up for the cows with networks between them and the consumers.

Similar to the way meat labels are now packaged in supermarkets such as Waitrose where the consumer is provided with more information about how its prepared and where it’s come from, our idea would be to get teens involved in drinking milk and taking more care about what they consume. It brings the way supermarkets and society are taking more care with food produce to the next generation by utilizing up-to-date networking technology (i.e. Facebook, Bebo, MySpace) that teenages are already using extensively.


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